Full-stack web developer

php or Python as back end

Are you looking for a career in web design?

We know that different learners have different needs, so we’ve tailored our training program to meet your requirements. You’ll get a personalized learning experience that will be tailored to your background and goals.

Learn the latest technologies and get a practical hands-on training on web development. Learn how to design and build interactive web pages with UX principles. Get an opportunity to work on practical projects and share your discovery process with experts during one-to-one sessions.

With over 22 years of study and teaching experience, we provide content from expert professionals who have been working in the industry for years. We also offer internships after training so you can find the ideal role in web design.

If you are looking for best training center for Full stack Web Developer in PHP / Python you are in right place.

Get expert guidance and learn skills for full stack web development course with the best faculty of PHP/ Python experts, UI designers, and Figma experts. Become a professional developer and also get placement assistance.

G-TEC Education Palayam provides practical training for PHP web development. G-TEC is the best PHP training center in Trivandrum . If you are looking for Python  web development course G-TEC Palayam is your best choice 

Technical skills to look for in a Full-Stack web developer

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (it is pretty much mandatory)
  2. PHP (back end)
  3. Databases
  4. Version control
  5. Deployment and hosting 
  6. Third party APIs/services 

Why you should learn from G-TEC

One to One training

We offer individual attention for students

Project based

mainly focusing on practical training. Projects are compulsory to complete the course


In order to gain experience we help you to get your first job

For Full stack web developer course you can choose PHP or PYTHON as back end (any one)


Front-End Development




  1. Full-Stack Web Developer (PHP/ PYTHON)
  2. Front end developer
  3. Back-End Developer
  4. UI Designer
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